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Sean Payton
On the difficulty of preparing for the game without key starters:

“Well look, there are a lot of moving parts, it’s happened to other teams. I was real proud of how some guys stepped up, Ty (Montgomery) has been working at receiver really, for the last three weeks. He came over, he’s played running back before Tony (Jones Jr.), we elevated from the practice squad. We had a number of moving parts on defense because of injury and COVID. And you knit was impressive to see those guys perform tonight.”

Ty Montgomery Jersey

On the play of Ty Montgomery:

“Yeah, it’s a credit to him. We had to, we had a little cram course yesterday. And, you know, everyone understood it was going to be a little longer practice, guys knew that in light of what happened right before this game with players going on the COVID-19 list.”

“Well, he started training camp in the running back room. And eventually, we moved him to the receiver room with some injuries that we had. So, he had been predominantly with the receiving room. Yeah, after training camp. And then a day or two ago, we switched him back.”

On scoreboard-watching during the game:

Saints Ty Montgomery Jersey

“Yeah, obviously, the game you’re paying attention to is Green Bay, Chicago. You’re not paying attention to it (until) second half at some point, the scores are rotating on the scoreboard. So, periodically with a lead you look at it. That’s about it.”

On excitement surrounding another playoff-run:

“Yeah, we’re excited. We’re excited to have that opportunity. We always know it’s going to be competitive in each of the rounds. With seven teams this year, there’ll be a lot of good football games next weekend. And again, we feel like we’re fortunate enough to be in the tournament. And that’s all, when you start the season, you start with winning your division, and then the best seed you can possibly get and kind of go from there.”

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Drew Brees
On Ty Montgomery:

“Yeah. “Listen, a testament to him because honestly, it wasn’t until Saturday morning that we realized that we were going to be out all the running backs and Ty had a significant role as a receiver in this game just like he did last week against the Vikings at receiver. And so all of a sudden, it’s like hey, switch gears, Ty is now running back, Tony Jones you’re coming up from practice squad running back. And, alright, here’s the receivers that now are going to be up to kind of fill this role that Ty had as a receiver and you can just imagine all the kind of moving and shaking and chess pieces that kind of need to be flipped around. And then you kind of go into the gameplan and just making sure that everybody’s comfortable with what we’re doing, but can’t say enough about our coaching staff to be able to do that and also Ty and the job that he did.”

Authentic Ty Montgomery Jersey

On scoreboard-watching:

“Just shut it off. Just shut it off, play ball. Know if we take care of our business, maybe those pieces fall into place maybe not, but regardless, just control what we can control. And yes, I do remember the Emmanuel touchdown now. Yeah, it was a nice little check play action. He kind of found a little soft spot in the middle of a defense and we were able to fit it in there. But that was good scheme, good play call and good execution.”

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The calendar might say it’s 2021 now, but this is still the 2020 NFL season, and if the previous four months have taught anything about how a winning team must proceed, it is that adaptability and versatility come at a premium this year.

Womens Ty Montgomery Jersey

So it is true that Ty Montgomery spent the last couple months chipping in as a receiver, finding no room to crack a New Orleans Saints running back rotation that already had two excellent players in Latavius Murray and Alvin Kamara. But rotations can — and will — suddenly go poof in this particular season.

And that’s exactly what happened with the Saints, who learned on Friday they’d be without Kamara, and then learned on Saturday they’d be without basically everybody else. But Montgomery is the picture of adaptability and versatility, even if it hasn’t always worked out for him while spending a career flip-flopping between receiver and running back, never finding a true home at either.

So, of course Montgomery just stepped in and ripped off a 105-yard rushing performance in the final game of the 2020 regular season. Of course he did.

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“His versatility is unique,” said coach Sean Payton. “That’s something we were very fortunate to have today.”

Though the circumstances were certainly more rushed, this is not even the first time Montgomery has found himself in a situation very much like this.

Saints beat Panthers 33-7, miss out on top seed: What we learned, what’s trending and final thoughts
Saints beat Panthers 33-7, miss out on top seed: What we learned, what’s trending and final thoughts
The Green Bay Packers drafted him out of Stanford in 2015, and he almost exclusively lined up as a receiver. Then, with top options Eddie Lacy and James Starks out of the lineup in an October game against the Bears, the Packers thrust Montgomery into the starting running back role and Montgomery delivered with 126 yards from scrimmage, including 60 as a rusher.

Youth Ty Montgomery Jersey

So he felt comfortable going into this game, because he’d done it before. He was just doing it on a much more accelerated timeline this time.

Montgomery spent the entire week getting ready for a game plan that featured him as a receiver, quarterback Drew Brees said. Friday, Montgomery was told he might need to chip in at running back.

“I pull into work the next day (Saturday), and it’s like, ‘You’re our only running back,’ ” Montgomery said. “I’m like, ‘you’re kidding.’ ”

Saints pick apart Panthers for season sweep over NFC South foes; here’s how it happened
Saints pick apart Panthers for season sweep over NFC South foes; here’s how it happened
No, they were not kidding. That led to what Payton described as “a little cram course,” which is almost surely underselling the amount of information Montgomery had to digest in the 24 hours leading up to the game.

“At one point it felt like I was going back to my Stanford days trying to pull all-nighters and cram everything in,” Montgomery said.

On Sean Payton’s job in 2020:

“Listen, phenomenal job. He’s always been such a great leader with this team, with the staff, I mean, really, in the whole building. Obviously, we were in this COVID season where there were just so many unknowns. It felt like rules and protocols were changing weekly, then combine that with the number of injuries and various situations that we kind of found ourselves in this year. And the roster having to shift and I was down for a few games. Jameis comes in and plays great, Taysom comes in plays great, you build the game plan around those guys. Defensively, having starting corners down at times and other guys coming up, I felt like DA did a great job on the defensive side of the ball and all the guys there and the entire staff. I think Sean will be the first one to tell you that, man, it’s about the culture that we’ve created here. And it’s about the staff. It’s about the way the guys care about one another. But he’s certainly done a tremendous job.”

Trey Hendrickson
On knowing preseason if he’d have this type of year:

“I’ve always had that belief and I surrounded myself, my family, I can’t say enough about my family and my wife for all the support that they’ve given me. And believing in me when you kind of have to quiet the noise and just go to work. So, I really can’t say enough about my family and I kept the faith and all the glory goes to God.”

Malcolm Jenkins
On the defense’s five interceptions:

“Oh, one-hundred percent and it’s a team thing, our offense, put up enough points to really make it one dimensional. And then, when the offense is one dimensional, you got opportunities to make plays on the football and we had multiple guys come in and contribute. And to see that production from some of the young guys was really encouraging, shows, speaks to the depth that we have, speaks to our coaching staff, and how they have young guys prepared, in a game that we needed. And so, it was exciting.”

On Ty Montgomery:

“Yeah, I wouldn’t call it casually. He’s somebody who’s prepared and has been a back in this league that has had success, just happens to be behind a few really good ones in this offense. So, I think everybody felt really good about Ty (Montgomery) coming in the game, knowing that he’s going to be able to carry the rock and really carry that load. And yeah, rip off 100 yards like it’s any other Sunday was fun to watch. Happy for him. He’s somebody who grinds all year and he’s able to play the role when we call upon him, he’s ready. Not a selfish guy, moves around, plays different positions and for him to get his opportunity tonight was fun to watch.”

Emmanuel Sanders
On Sean Payton’s ability to keep the Saints winning in 2020:

“Yeah, I think that’s the credit to Sean Payton. He’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever played for and I’ve enjoyed just being around him and being around his energy, being around his intellect. When you go into a game and know he’s the coach, he’s calling the plays, that he’s setting it up, it makes you feel good as a player. Makes you feel good as a receiver and it’s just a credit to him. To me, Coach of the Year, obviously. There’s been a lot of good coaches, but just seeing the day to day grind and how he’s handled this whole COVID and handle Drew being out and Alvin been out and Mike being out and, really, all of his big-time players and showcasing the will and the poise to say you know what, this is how we’re going to handle this, we’re not going to go into panic mode and so it’s a big credit to him.”

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