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The New Orleans Saints have only lost one game since Taysom Hill became the starting quarterback while Drew Brees heals from his broken ribs, but his short tenure as the starter hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. Hill has fumbled in every one of his four starts this season and has lost a fumble in three of them.

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Hill has fumbled six times in four starts, which is the most by any player since Week 11. His five fumbles lost are already tied for third in the league. He’s taken 13 sacks in his four starts, while Brees has only taken 10 sacks in his nine starts.

“He’s still slow on a few decisions,” Saints head coach Sean Payton told reporters. “He’s to the wrong side of the field a few times relative to making decisions. And I don’t like the fact that the ball was out again. The screen pass I’m watching right now needs to be out quicker with a little bit less velocity, a little bit easier. As they’re rushing, there’s a blitz he’s faced with back up and just dump it off to the running back. So there’s some things that he has to clean up.”

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On the flip side, Michael Thomas has gotten back on track with Hill, catching 30 passes for 343 yards in Hill’s four starts compared to nine catches for 83 yards in three games with Brees. Hill has completed 72.3% of his passes for 920 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions this season, while rushing for 395 yards and five touchdowns (5.4 yards per carry). Hill has rushed for multiple touchdowns in two of his four starts.

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Hill has admitted there are parts of his game he needs to work on in the coming weeks, especially since it’s likely Brees will miss another week. The Saints are going to have to score points in order to keep up with the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday, averaging just 24.3 points in his starts.

“It’s a work in progress. I think sometimes they get you and sometimes you get them,” Hill said on facing pressure from defenders. “I would say when I feel pressure my eyes are down the field and I’m trying to find a guy to get the ball to. It’s just finding that balance of man, you could go get seven, eight, nine, 10 yards before contact. I think it’s one of those things that we will in the future continue to be more and more comfortable with that. Certainly from a scrambling aspect and what our rules are, and our receivers expecting to get the ball when they see me outside the pocket.”

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METAIRIE, La. — For the first time in his four starts at quarterback, the New Orleans Saints needed more from Taysom Hill.

Hill’s performance in Sunday’s 24-21 loss at Philadelphia wasn’t really all that different from his total body of work in his previous three victories. He actually threw for a career-high 291 yards and made two excellent touchdown throws to Emmanuel Sanders and Jared Cook while trying to rally from a 17-0 halftime deficit.

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However Hill missed some opportunities, held the ball too long while being sacked five times and committed two costly turnovers — nagging issues that caught up to him and the Saints on a day when coach Sean Payton said the entire team “didn’t look ready to play” in any phase.

In his four starts at quarterback, Taysom Hill has two interceptions and seven fumbles (three lost). Stephen Lew/Icon Sportswire
As a result, Hill’s future as the potential long-term successor to Drew Brees remains about as unsettled as it was four weeks ago.

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“I thought he played all right,” said Payton, who was less forgiving of Hill’s miscues than he had been in previous weeks. “I’m watching the tape, he’s still slow on a few decisions. He’s to the wrong side of the field a few times relative to making decisions. And I don’t like the fact that the ball was out again [Hill’s 10th fumble and fifth lost fumble of the season].”

Hill’s fumble wasn’t his most egregious, since it came during a sack on a fourth-and-2 play from the Eagles’ 42-yard line in the fourth quarter — and it wouldn’t have done him any good to tuck the ball away. However, the play itself was a missed opportunity in a critical moment. Hill’s first read didn’t come open, and he was unable to find another option or use his legs to keep the drive alive.

“In hindsight it’s one of those where you can just throw the ball up to a man when it’s fourth down,” said Hill, who said he was looking to see if receiver Tre’Quan Smith had gotten free as a second option on the sideline when he “got hit in the back.”

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Hill also threw his second interception of the season in the first half when he rushed a screen pass to Alvin Kamara to avoid pressure. Hill didn’t put enough touch on the pass, which was tipped and snagged out of the air.

“The screen pass needs to be out quicker with a little bit less velocity, a little bit easier,” Payton said. “If they’re rushing, there’s a blitz he’s faced with, back up and just dump it off to the running back. So there’s some things that he’s gotta clean up.”

It’s unclear how many more starts Hill will get — if any — as Brees recovers from 11 broken ribs and a punctured lung.

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New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees wanted to be in Denver with his team for Sunday’s win over the Broncos, but instead he watched the unorthodox game on TV.

Brees told Cox Sports TV’s Mike Nabors on Sunday that doctors ruled out any potential travel to Denver, especially with his collapsed lung and the elevation change. And that was before the NFL updated its coronavirus guidelines as they pertained to travel parties.

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“It was kind of determined even two weeks ago that this would not be a trip I would make, just with the lung and everything,” Brees said. “There’s risks with the pressure in flying and then obviously being at altitude there.”

While Brees watched the game from New Orleans, he didn’t sit down.

His mind went back to all the game-planning conversations the team had during the week, and while looking at the call-sheet, he tried to anticipate what his Saints would run next.

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“I couldn’t sit still and it was just like I was playing the game,” Brees said.

Brees may be in the same boat for this week’s game against the Atlanta Falcons. The Saints are on the road again and with the updated coronavirus protocols in place for traveling teams, he’s not sure if he’ll be on the sidelines on Sunday in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The travel party size used to be 70 players, but it was reduced on Nov. 23 to include just 62 players — regardless of if they’re eligible to play or not. So if Brees was to travel, he’d count against the limit.

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NFL teams can have up to 48 active players for games this season.

“You’re really on traveling with guys that are going to play in the game, or God forbid something happened while you’re there,” Brees said. “… I don’t even know what’s going to happen this week at Atlanta. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Sunday’s game against Atlanta will be the third game Brees has missed due to his ribs injury — which is the minimum amount of games players need to miss before they can be re-activated from the injured reserve.

Brees has shied away from giving a timeline for his return, but said in the interview with Nabors that he’s continuing to be on the mend.

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“I feel better than I did last week,” Brees said. “I feel better every day, gradually ramping things up with what I’m able to do, understanding that there’s just a healing process that has to take place, but man, I’m pushing it. I’m trying to be back as fast as I can.”

The New Orleans Saints are a one-dimensional offense with quarterback Taysom Hill, a change from when Drew Brees was leading the way.

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We’re about to enter Week 13. In Week 10, the New Orleans Saints season changed. Drew Brees, a future Hall of Famer, went down with multiple fractured ribs and a collapsed lung.

The team, a few days after, played him on injured reserve, meaning he’s out till at least Week 14, and given the Saints’ success with Taysom Hill, they may opt to let the 30-year-old continue.

At the same time, they should know what a first-round bye could mean having lost in the Wild Card round after ending the regular season with a mere three losses last year. This team will look to do all they can to snag that top-overall spot.

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That’s why they’ll bring Drew Brees back because Hill hasn’t quite yet solidified that he can be a passer. Hill eclipsed 200 passing yards against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 11, but he did it with 18 completions on 23 attempts. He averaged just over 10 yards per attempt.

Hill became a first-hand believer in Michael Thomas as he erupted in that game. Then, Hill took the field for his second career start.

Although the Saints gameplan was a bit different given that the Broncos didn’t even have a starter, Hill disappointed, continuing to show a trend of depending on his rushing ability. He’s had double-digit carries in both games but not double-digit completions.

The Saints have been a top-three rushing team over the last three weeks. On top of Hill’s reliance on the run, he’s made the pass-catching Alvin Kamara irrelevant. Kamara has had 99 rushing yards and -2 receiving yards in his last two games.

That’s not the same Kamara that Brees was using to his advantage. Not using Kamara and limiting Thomas as well will come back to hurt New Orleans when they play teams that can actually compete.

The Saints defense has been incredible, and it’s partially kept them in games, more notably against the Falcons than Broncos. However, neither game has really challenged them, or Hill much, and Week 13 could be much of the same.

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They’ll draw the struggling Falcons once again in a game the Saints will likely be able to run 35 times and win. However, it’d be shocking to see Hill snap out of his rushing style and launch the ball downfield.